Getting started


  1. Add discount to INSTALLED_APPS:

        'shop', # The django SHOP application
  2. Add DiscountCartModifier to SHOP_CART_MODIFIERS:


DiscountCartModifier is implemented as django-shop cart modifier. It will be called on every Cart update call.

DiscountCartModifier loops through active discounts adding extra cart or extra cart item field when given discount is eligible:

Active discounts are discounts with set active flag and within date range specified with Valid from - Valid to.

If code for the discount is set, user have to enter this code to activate discount.

  1. Include django-shop-discount urls:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^discount/', include('discount.urls')),

This will include views for entering and removing discount code.

Quick start

django-shop-discount includes few bundled discount types.

To use them, add discount.default_discounts app to INSTALLED_APPS.