Custom discounts

Adding custom discount types is easy and can be achived with subclassing polymorphic model discount.models.DiscountBase.

Custom discount types can add fields and override following methods:

  • get_products to filter initial product queryset discount operates on. Overriding this allows to say that discount should be applied only to some categories, for example.

    See also Filters

  • get_extra_cart_item_price_field - for adding extra cart item price field to cart items containing eligible products

  • get_extra_cart_price_field - for adding extra cart price field to cart

Design considerations

While django-shop-discount app comes with few bundled discount types, it does not asume how specific shop is organized or how discount logic should work.

Typical discounts organization can set base constrains in base discount class and specifing constrains in subclasses.

For example:

class SiteBaseDiscount(DiscountBase):
    categories = models.ManyToManyField('myshop.Category',
            help_text=_('Limit discount to selected categories')

    def get_products():
        qs = super(SiteBaseDiscount, self).get_products()
        # code that excludes products that does not belong to self.categories
        return qs

class CartItemPercentDiscount(SiteBaseDiscount, mixins.CartItemPercentDiscountMixin):

See Discount mixins.


If client buy 5 or more items let the price for item be 10% lower.

Add this model:

from discount.models import DiscountBase

class BulkDiscount(DiscountBase):
    Apply ``amount`` % of discount if there are at least ``num_items`` of
    product in cart.
    amount = models.DecimalField(_('Amount'), max_digits=5, decimal_places=2)
    num_items = models.IntegerField(_('Minimum number of items'))

    def get_extra_cart_item_price_field(self, cart_item):
        if (cart_item.quantity >= self.num_items and
            self.is_eligible_product(cart_item.product, cart_item.cart)):
            amount = (self.amount/100) * cart_item.line_subtotal
            return (self.get_name(), amount,)

Given that you registered BulkDiscount with django admin, site administrator would be able to set bulk discounts.

See this discount in action in Example application.